Freedom Award Winners 2009
Heroes in Action
The Freedom Awards celebrate heroes of the anti-slavery movement from around the world.   The awards are open to organizations and individuals working to eradicate human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Nominations came from 22 countries, and winners were selected by an independent international committee. This year's awards honor women who are setting the standard for world-class anti-slavery work. Their inspiring life stories and courageous work recognize the importance of women in the anti-slavery movement.

Sina Vann - Cambodia
Frederick Douglass Award

Sina Vann walks into her
worst nightmare every day. For more than two years
she was tortured and raped
as a sex slave in Phnom Penh. She now goes back to the brothels to help sex slaves escape, and to provide health advice for those unable to break free.
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Veero - Pakistan
Frederick Douglass Award

Veero took a terrifying risk to break free from slavery. She slipped away, alone and on foot, from a farm where men were kept in leg irons and women were guarded by armed thugs. She now shows others how they can walk to freedom too.
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Shramajivee Mahila Samity - India
Harriet Tubman Award

They go undercover to expose
trafficking rings. They help rescue
slaves and reunite families. They
teach entire villages how to rid
themselves of slavery forever. The
activists of SMS prove there's power
when women work together.
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Betsy Bramon and Alexis Weiss
Anne Templeton Zimmerman Fellows

Putting traffickers behind bars. Empowering survivors to get back on their feet. These young women have
accomplished amazing things. They're setting the standard for the next generation of anti-slavery
activists. And they’re just getting started.   More About the Fellows >>
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Why The Freedom Awards Are Important

Jolene Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Free the Slaves Free the Slaves created the Freedom Awards to celebrate today's anti-slavery heroes and to catalyze additional innovation and resources to end slavery once and for all. The Awards program will define what successful, anti-slavery work looks like and build a vision of freedom for change-makers to adopt. More>>
The 2009 Freedom Awards Ceremony
The 2009 Freedom Awards Trailer
The Freedom Awards are underwritten by the John Templeton Foundation.

"The Freedom Awards combine the best of two world-changing forces that are central to Sir John Templeton’s positive vision for the future: the power of noble purpose to inspire lives of great significance, and the central importance of enhancing and expanding individual freedom. In addition, the awards honor the memory of Sir John’s daughter Anne Templeton Zimmerman, who herself was a dedicated and courageous advocate for ending slavery and promoting religious freedom.”

-Kimon Sargeant, Ph.D., VP of Human Sciences, John Templeton Foundation

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