Guiding Principles
Everything we do is weighed against one simple question: will this free slaves and help them stay free?

    • We believe all people have the right to be free from any form of slavery and to realize their true potential.

    • We are committed to supporting sustainable solutions that don't hurt those we're trying to help.

    • We base all our strategies on accurate research.

    • We are committed to building a diverse movement and to seeking guidance from local and regional anti-slavery programs around the world.

    • We are non-partisan and politically independent.

  • We are transparent with our finances and programs.
Our Approach
Slavery flourishes when people cannot meet their basic needs, and lack economic opportunity, education, healthcare and honest government.  A holistic approach is required to eradicate slavery forever. That's why we:

  • Free slaves around the world by working with grassroots organizations where slavery flourishes.

  • Record and share their stories so people in power can see slavery and be inspired to work for freedom.

  • Enlist businesses to clean slavery out of their product chains and empower consumers to stop buying into slavery.

  • Work with governments to produce effective anti-slavery laws then hold them to their commitments.

  • Research what works and what doesn't so that we use resources strategically and effectively to end slavery. Forever.


Our goal: to end slavery in our lifetime.





Our Board & Staff:

Helen Armstrong

Coventry, CT
Board Secretary

Jane G. Covey
arpswell, ME
Board Chair
Daniel A. Elkes, Ph.D.
South San Francisco, CA

Jeri Fleming
McGladrey LLP*
Gaithersburg, MD
Board Treasurer

Gary Gold-Moritz
Public Justice*
Washington, DC
William Greenbaum
Lowenstein Sandler LLP*
Roseland, NJ

Gregory Haile
Broward College*
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Timothy Patrick McCarthy
Harvard Kennedy School*
Cambridge, MA
Board Vice Chair


Kevin Bales

Wilberforce Institute*
University of Hull
Brighton, U.K.

Peggy Callahan

Voices 4 Freedom*
Los Angeles, CA

Jolene Smith
Vote Freedom*
Washington, DC


*Organizational affiliations
are for ID purposes only

Download board member biographies here.

Download biography of the executive director here.


Maurice I. Middleberg
Executive Director

Sujata Bijou
Director of Monitoring & Evaluation

Lori Fitzmaurice
Director of Development

Terry FitzPatrick
Director of Communications

Karen Stauss
Director of Programs

Fatou D. Toure
Director of Finance & Administration


Hortense Amisa
DRC Program Assistant

Supriya Awasthi
South Asia Director

New Delhi, India

Crispin Baderha
DRC Coordinator


Robert Boneberg
Counsel & Senior Advisor

Joha Braimah
Ghana Director

Katherine Carey
Forum Coordinator

Gabriel Deussom N.
Program Manager

Justine Dery
Finance & Administrative Officer
Accra, Ghana

Christy Gillmore
Program Manager

Aislinn Lehman
Development Assistant

Smith Maximé
Haiti Director

Chris Miller
Deputy Programs Director

Lee McClure
Deputy Development Director 

Flavia Modell
Program Manager

Bismark Quartey
Program Coordinator
Sunyani, Ghana

Cynthia Rose
Executive Assistant

Neelam Sharma
Nepal Director


Michael Shelton
Senior Visual Communications Specialist

Ashok Singh
India Program Associate

Salil Srivastava
India Legal Team Manager
New Delhi

Alexandra Woods
Monitoring, Learning & Evaluation Officer


Anne Keehn
Los Angeles, CA



  • Free the Slaves, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (previously registered as Anti-Slavery International, Inc.). Federal Tax Identification Number 56-2189635. 

  • Free the Slaves has been approved by the Combined Federal Campaign. The number is 11482.

  • You can mail donations to:
    Free the Slaves
    1320 19th Street NW, Suite 600
    Washington, DC 20036

  • To contribute stocks or property, please telephone 202-775-7480.