'Slavery' is a groundbreaking book of photography by Free the Slaves and Lisa Kristine. It features a foreword by Free the Slaves International Advisor Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and text by Free the Slaves co-founders Kevin Bales, Jolene Smith and Peggy Callahan.

'Slavery' shows the resilience and strength of people on the frontlines of modern-day slavery—the men, women and children still in slavery, and those who have broken free. As Father Tutu writes in the foreword: "The photos within this book make it impossible to fool ourselves. We are not so different. We all want lives of dignity. We all want our children to be safe and to thrive. Look at the faces in Lisa Kristine’s photographs... we can see our own dreams and desires in the lives of those gracing these pages.”

Lisa Kristine is a San Francisco based photographer, known for her striking portraits of remote, indigenous people. Noted for her collaborations with humanitarian organizations, Kristine presented her work at the State of the World Forum, the 2009 Vancouver Peace Summit, and her photographs have been auctioned by Christie's New York to benefit the United Nations. For this project, Lisa visited Free the Slaves partner organizations in India, Nepal and Ghana to document the frontlines of slavery.

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