Freedom and Beyond - Documentary  

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Freedom and Beyond is ultimately a story of hope and promise but it begins with voices of boys recently freed from slavery in northern India. They tell stories that are hard to hear. Important stories that help us learn what it takes to rescue children and help them rebuild their lives.

The documentary film takes viewers inside a raid to free children, introduces the heroes who risk everything to rescue the children, shows former slaves as they learn to play again and finally travels with activists from Bal Vikas Ashram to remote villages where children are routinely trafficked. Viewers see once powerless, hopeless villagers join forces to arrest local traffickers and do whatever it takes to create a safe place for their children.

This is film maker Peggy Callahan’s third project on modern day slavery. Her films combine compelling stories, strong visuals with specific details on what works and what doesn’t in the movement to end slavery. Freedom & Beyond offers ideas for grassroots activists, researchers, foundations and international organizations who want to reach out effectively to people in slavery. A free study guide and discussion notes are available to download for free or the 16 page, 4-color booklet can be shipped to you for $1.75.

Singer/songwriter Shaheen Sheik supervised the soundtrack for the film contributing her own music and gather original music from artists across the country. Click here to see Shaheen and other artists working to end slavery.

Bal Vikas Ashram is a project of the Diocesan Development and Welfare Society, an Indian organization committed to empowering poor and oppressed communities. Bal Vikas Ashram and Free the Slaves work closely together to free slaves and fight the root causes of slavery in society.

This film is a production of Free the Slaves in cooperation with Bal Vikas Ashram. Funding was provided by the US State Department (Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons) and Free the Slaves’ supporters.

Run-Time: 23:55